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Category: ATO scam alert

14 April 2021 - GAP Accountants

The ATO has recently identified a new scheme where SMSF trustees were informed that they could set up …

05 March 2020 - GAP Accountants

The ATO is warning the community about a new SMS scam which promises an 8% bonus on 2020 …

16 December 2019 - GAP Accountants

In the interests of protecting SMSF members and their retirement savings from fraud and misconduct, the ATO has …

07 October 2019 - GAP Accountants

Unbelievably, scammers are still successfully bilking Australians out of tens of thousands of dollars, as a recent ATO …

08 May 2019 - GAP Accountants

The ATO is warning that scammers have adopted ‘Robocall’ technology to target taxpayers across the country.
Assistant Commissioner Gavin …

07 March 2019 - GAP Accountants

The ATO has again warned taxpayers to be alert for scammers impersonating the ATO, as it appears they …

21 November 2018 - GAP Accountants

The ATO has received increasing reports of a new take on the ‘fake tax debt’ scam, whereby scammers …

14 August 2018 - GAP Accountants

The ATO has become aware of people in some suburban areas of major cities attempting to encourage others …

14 June 2017 - GAP Accountants

The ATO has advised that, in the lead up to tax time, it’s important to be aware of …

09 August 2016 - Eva Bonner

The ATO is reminding Australians to be on the lookout for tax-related scams during tax time, as scammers …

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