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Category: Foreign/off-shore issues

08 October 2021 - Leslie Clark

The ATO is currently reviewing certain arrangements where Australian taxpayers seek to disguise undeclared foreign income as a …

03 March 2020 - GAP Accountants

The ATO has welcomed the decision of the High Court to basically uphold the decision of the Full …

06 September 2019 - GAP Accountants

The ATO is urging taxpayers who receive any foreign income from investments, family members or working overseas to …

14 June 2019 - GAP Accountants

The ATO has issued the following reminders to employers, that backpackers on working holidays:

are considered temporary residents, and …

07 December 2017 - GAP Accountants

Tax legislation passed
In other news, the Government has passed changes to the tax legislation that will limit, or …

14 November 2017 - GAP Accountants

A recent decision by the Full Court of the South Australian Supreme Court has provided guidance about the …

11 August 2017 - GAP Accountants

Parliament has passed legislation which applies GST to goods costing $1,000 or less supplied from offshore to Australian …

11 July 2017 - GAP Accountants

Since 1 July 2016, where a foreign resident has disposed of real estate located in Australia, the purchaser …

13 April 2017 - GAP Accountants

The ATO has advised that the recent change to tax for working holiday makers means there are extra …

07 April 2017 - GAP Accountants

From 1 July 2017, overseas clients with an Australian turnover of $75,000 or more will need to register …

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