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Category: Construction

14 April 2022 - GAP Accountants

The Taxable payments annual report (‘TPAR’) must be lodged by 28 August each year. Taxpayers who operate in …

11 August 2021 - GAP Accountants

2021 TPARs are due to be lodged for businesses who have paid contractors to provide the following services:

building …

05 April 2019 - GAP Accountants

The ATO has released updated benchmark data drawn from over 1.5 million small businesses around the country to …

03 April 2019 - GAP Accountants

ATO Assistant Commissioner Peter Holt has announced that, in the 2019/20 financial year, the ATO will be visiting …

05 April 2018 - GAP Accountants

The Federal Court has held that superannuation guarantee contributions were payable with respect to the ‘additional hours’ and …

10 April 2017 - GAP Accountants

A lack of supporting evidence has led to a company failing to prove it was entitled to claim …

10 November 2016 - GAP Accountants

The ATO has reported that the building and construction industry represents a disproportionate amount of its debt book, …

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