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Category: FBT

18 June 2021 - GAP Accountants

The car parking threshold for the FBT year commencing on 1 April 2021 is $9.25.
This replaces the amount …

08 May 2021 - GAP Accountants

Following a successful multi-year pilot, the ATO’s small business independent review service will be offered permanently as a …

13 April 2021 - GAP Accountants

The ATO has updated its webpage containing the fringe benefits tax (‘FBT’) rates and thresholds for the 2017/18 …

14 December 2020 - GAP Accountants

The government has announced it will introduce an exemption from FBT for retraining and reskilling benefits provided by …

10 March 2020 - GAP Accountants

Where businesses provide car parking fringe benefits to their employees, the taxable value of these benefits must be …

18 December 2019 - GAP Accountants

With the holiday season approaching, many employers and businesses want to reward their staff and loyal clients/customers/suppliers.
Again, it …

17 December 2019 - GAP Accountants

With the well earned December/January holiday season on the way, many employers will be planning to reward staff …

04 October 2019 - GAP Accountants

The ATO has reminded taxpayers that, if they run their home-based business as a company or trust, their …

13 August 2019 - GAP Accountants

Taxi travel by an employee is an exempt benefit for FBT purposes if the travel is a single …

09 May 2019 - GAP Accountants

The ATO has updated its list of ‘What attracts our attention’, with six items that specifically relate to …

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