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16 September 2021 - GAP Accountants

The ALP has formally announced that, if elected to Government, they will deliver “the same legislated tax relief …

09 May 2021 - GAP Accountants

The ATO has advised that, if a business hasn’t used its ABN for a while, the ATO may …

04 September 2020 - Gap Accountants

Recently, arguments both for and against increasing the rate of compulsory superannuation guarantee (‘SG’) have continued to be …

12 August 2020 - GAP Accountants

Back in April 2020 the ATO announced that a ‘shortcut’ method was to be made available to use …

05 June 2020 - GAP Accountants

Businesses that have enrolled in the JobKeeper Scheme and identified their eligible employees are reminded that they will …

12 November 2019 - GAP Accountants

The ATO considers the lodgment of an SMSF’s annual return on time to be a fundamental part of …

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