10 November 2022 - GAP Accountants

Director ID deadline is approaching

The Government has launched an awareness campaign to help company directors get their director identification number (‘director ID’) as the 30 November deadline approaches.

A director ID is a unique 15‑digit identifier that a company director will apply for once and keep forever.  Director IDs are administered by the Australian Business Registry Services (‘ABRS’), which is managed by the ATO.

All directors of companies registered with ASIC will need a director ID and must apply by the 30 November deadline (although directors of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations may have additional time to apply).

Some people may not realise they are directors, so the campaign is targeting those that run small businesses, self‑managed superannuation funds, charities, not‑for‑profits, and even some sporting clubs.

The fastest way to apply is online at abrs.gov.au, and the director ID will be issued instantly once the application is complete.  It is free to apply and directors must apply themselves, as they are required to verify their identity (and it is this “robust identification process” that will help prevent the use of false and fraudulent director identities).

More information about director IDs, including who must apply, is available on the ABRS website.

Feel free to contact our office if you need more information about this but, as noted above, we cannot actually make the application for you.

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