12 April 2023 - GAP Accountants

Tips to reduce study and training loan balances

If you have a study and training loan balance (e.g., a HELP debt), it may be worthwhile to consider methods of reducing the balance to ensure you are not left with a large tax bill when your 2023 income tax return is lodged.

While there is no interest charged on study and training loans, indexation is added to these debts on 1 June each year, based upon the consumer price index (‘CPI’). Given the current rate of inflation, individuals with study and training loan balances should expect a larger than normal adjustment this year.

If you have a study and training loan balance, it is worth checking your loan balance and considering the following tips:

  • Let your employer know if you have started studying or have a study loan.
  • Check the amount your employer is withholding. If there has not been enough withheld to cover your compulsory repayment, you can ask your employer to increase the withholding amount.
  • Make a voluntary repayment to reduce your total loan amount. Indexation on the loan is applied on 1 June, so a voluntary repayment prior to this date will reduce the balance that indexation is applied to. Note that it may take a few business days for the ATO to receive and process the payment.

Indexation will not apply to a study and training loan on 1 June if the balance is nil. Any loan debt over 11 months old will be subject to indexation.

The compulsory repayment threshold for the 2023 financial year is $48,361. If you earn over this amount, the compulsory repayment is worked out when your tax return is lodged, and it will be included on your notice of assessment.

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